B.Sc. Biotechnology

Department of B.Sc. Biotechnology

The B.Sc Programme with optional subjects-Biotechnology, Genetics, and Biochemistry was established in the year 2001.Since its inception, the department has continuously progressed in imparting quality education in the respective fields. The department has a total of 07 faculty members, including guest faculties.One lab assistant and a lab attender also extend their support in maintenance of laboratories.

Each faculty has specialized in different domains of Biotechnology, Genetics and Biochemistry etc. With the objective of creating an excellent graduate to work in the field of life and applied life sciences by imparting lofty education through innovative teaching practices, the department is marching towards its excellence. Currently the Department strictly adheres to curriculum of Bangalore University for the 2016-2019, 2017-2020 batches and Bengaluru central university norms for 2018 onwards batches. The ICT enabled classrooms and the available Learning resources have strengthened its effective functioning along with the one to one practical teaching methodology.

The initiation of research culture at the Undergraduate level has been a prime focus and the same is materialized through student’s in-house projects, internships, Field visits and industrial visits etc. The well-equipped laboratories and e-learning facilities are the infrastructural facilities in achieving the department’s objective. The active students group in rendering their support is the major asset. Students are encouraged to participate in some of the pre-placements and placements activities. Most of the Students have secured exemplary, outstanding and first class with distinctions at the B.U and B.C.U examinations .The KRJS management, being a governing body has been continuosly contributing towards the effective functioning of the department overall.

Some of the innovative practices initiated over the recent years is organizing Guest lectures, Workshops, Students seminars, Sponsored science fair from Karnataka science and technology academy(KSTA) JEEVASOUKHYA -An intercollegiate BT fest,environmental awareness programmes such as walkathon, On campus plantations etc. One of the distinctiveness that could be highlighted is the 50 Hours of add-on course in Bioinformatics at Basic and Advanced level for UG students apart from their curriculum.

About B.Sc. Biotechnology

Biotechnology is an promising quarter in quest of expansion in the different areas of plant and animal culture, Immunological studies, Biomedicine, Tissue Engineering, Biosensors, Pharmaceutical, Bioprocess Technologies, Fermentation technology and Nanotechnology.

India is considered as one of the most recent biotech advancement nation across the globe. Several people across believe that India will be able to produce companies of utmost potential in the future. India's skill and capabilities in biotech is well renowned. But rapid growth of the industry will ultimately depend on accessibility of manpower excellence and superior educational institutions in the nation. BT is the most recent dawn segment. Experts express that BT industry may outshine IT in the entire expansion of employment, patent registration, Forex. earnings etc.

Name Ms. Jyothi. R
Designation HOD, Dept. of Biotechnology
Qualification M.Sc, M.Phil,(Ph.D.).
Years Of Experience 14.9
Email paps_20052005@rediffmail.com
Name Mrs. Roopa Jayaram
Qualification M.Sc(BT), M.Sc(Zoology)
Years Of Experience 15
Email roopajai04@gmail.com
Name Mrs. Vanitha M T
Qualification M.Sc., M.Phil., KSET.
Years Of Experience 16
Email vanitha.bt26@gmail.com
Name Mrs. Swapna Panati
Qualification M.Sc., M.Phil.
Years Of Experience 18
Email swapnapanati@gmail.com
Sl.No Name Reg.No Percentage / S.G.P.A Photo
1. Brinda Yadav S1810208 90%
2. Lakshmi. S S1810216 89.7%
3. Archana S1810202 86.6%
4. Sandhya S1810233 85%
5. B. Munira S1810204 85%
Sl.No Name Reg.No Percentage Photo
1. Tasmia 17RYS85077 92%
2. Khanija U D 17RYS85051 90%
3. Niveditha. M 17RYS85062 89%
4. Shalini. M 17RYS85072 86%
5. Nashmin Taj 17RYS85059 85%
Sl.No Name Reg.No Percentage Photo
1. Shravya. G L 16RYS85050 85.56%
2. Shruthi. K R 16RYS85074 85%
3. Tejaswini. V M 16RYS85055 82.5%
4. Ravikeerthi. S V 16RYS85047 82%

KSTA sponsored 'VIJNANAMELA' 2018/science fair was organised 0n 16.3.2018.

Guest lecture in applications of RDT-19.9.2018.

Guest lecture in Genetics diseases and inheritance pattern-24.9.2018.

Guest lecture in Spectroscopy-A tool for protein characterisation-26.9.2018.

Students seminar-22.3.3019.

JEEVASOUKHYA-2019; an intercollegiate BT FEST-3.4.2019.


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